This is a 24-seat restaurant that beckons you in to discover the sea in ways that are impossible to put into writing. Instead, they require a sensory immersion. Join us to dive deep into the waters of Folegandros and emerge with a renewed understanding of this island’s cuisine and the potential of seafood.
Live our food with us.

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The menu mirrors Folegandros itself, with recipes from this island and those nearby, all executed with a different perspective. We work hard to ensure that we only source locally, with respect and attention paid to the raw materials, done through head-to-tail butchery and a minimal waste philosophy. Each part of the fish is highlighted in unique ways – for instance, our seafood charcuterie.


Every day is different here. Our menu happens when we go to the markets, when our suppliers call us to say what they’ve made today, when our fishermen reel in their catch of the day (whatever that might be). This means we do not follow a defined menu, but we configure it daily depending on the fresh products from the fishermans, the local market and your own preferences.

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Our wine cave follows a similar approach to our kitchen: celebrating the bounty of Greece’s many diverse islands. The cellar is stocked with bottles from Crete, Corfu, Kefalonia, and beyond, showcasing how tremendous the winemaking tradition here is.